After Corona … the 10 richest families in the world, one of them Arab


The Corona virus has not stopped the world’s wealthiest families from accumulating more billions, despite the severe damage caused by the epidemic to some companies and small businessmen.

The “Walton” family – the richest family in the world – was able to add 25 billion dollars last year to the family’s wealth, so that the total value of the Walton family’s wealth would be about 215 billion US dollars, according to a new report by the agency.BloombergAmerican.

This wealth came as a result of years of investment in the famous Walmart supply chain and stores, and investment in the field of electronic commerce, which led to an increase in sales for the first quarter of this year, despite the suffering of the retail market due to the Corona virus.

The Bloomberg report also established a list of the richest families in the world, which witnessed the ups and downs of some families due to the Corona crisis, and among them came one Arab family, the Al Saud family ruling in Saudi Arabia.

Below is a list of the 10 richest families around the world and the amount of their wealth, according to the Bloomberg Report.

Walton family (Arkansas, US $ 215 billion)

2- The March Family (US Virginia, $ 120 billion)

3- Koch Family (US Kansas, $ 109.7 billion)

4- The Al Saud family (Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, $ 95 billion)

5- The Ambani family (Mumbai – India, $ 81.3 billion)

6- Hermes family (Paris – France, $ 63.9 billion)

7- The Wertheimer Family (Paris – France, $ 54.4 billion)

Johnson Family (Massachusetts, US $ 46.3 billion)

9- The Boehneringer von Bombbach family (Engelheim – Germany, $ 45.7 billion).

10 – The Albrecht family (Rhineland-Germany, $ 41 billion)


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