After being subjected to harassment, the Egyptian media, Reham Saeed, publishes photos of the harassers



The Egyptian media, Reham Saeed, revealed details of her being bullied and harassed while she was on the beach in the northern coast of Marina, and published pictures of the harassers.

Reham posted on Her account on Instagram Photo showing two young men who said they were among the harassers.

Reham said that after she refused to photograph with a number of young men, they humiliated her, saying that she was a “prison response”, she said.

Reham Saeed recounted the details of the incident and said, “My son and I have been harassed, and I have photos of them and a video of the incident.”

Speaking to Marina Police, she said, “I am now filing a report with the Marina Department and with the Director of Marina Security, and I seek help from any respected person in the Marina, and verbally harassed me and my little son.”

Reham recounted the incident through her video.

Reham Saeed collapsed and entered a wave of crying, saying: “I found myself involved in the need of a call, and praise be to God, the justice is very honest, including my lawyer, Professor Muhammad Abu Apartment, I want to know that I spent my life serving the country and people, and I walked on the straight path, Now that I stop working, I ended up, but I will not work again. Not every one of me meets me in the street saying that I am returning prisons because I am not replying to prisons. I am one of the people of my family and my family is large and educated and six are respectful and honorable. ”

Source: social media


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