After 76 million years, a dinosaur was diagnosed with cancer


Scientists have diagnosed a dinosaur who lived 76 million years ago with cancer, after finding clear evidence in the bone.
Scientists have analyzed a portion of the fibula, a bone from the lower leg, that belongs to the centrosaurus, the plant-eating dinosaur, who lived in Canada during the late Cretaceous, about 76 million years ago, according to Sky News.
Paleontologists initially thought that the strange shape of the bone was due to a fracture that did not heal well, but a new study published in The Lancet Oncology, compared the internal structure of bone, to a bone tumor in a human patient, in pursuit of an accurate diagnosis.
Scientists have found that the dinosaur suffered from a bone sarcoma, or what is known as a bone allergic tumor, a cancerous tumor that originates in the bone, and often affects children and adolescents.
The disease causes tumors in the immature bone tissue, often in the long leg bones.
It is mentioned that this is not the first time that cancer has been discovered in fossil remains, as scientists have identified benign tumors in dinosaur fossils, and bone sarcomas in a 240 million-year-old turtle, but researchers say, “This study is the first to confirm the diagnosis of dinosaur cancer at the cellular level.” “.
Scientists examined the complete remains of the dinosaur, using high-resolution computerized tomography, and examined the thin sections under a microscope to assess the structure of cells, and found that the tumor had reached an advanced stage.


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