“Admitting to a mistake is a duty” .. Mido sends a strong message to Khaled Jalal


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Ahmed Hossam Mido, the star of Zamalek and the former national team, confirmed that he did not intentionally provoke any crises after he announced yesterday that Khaled Galal, the coach of Masr Club, knew about the formation of Zamalek before confronting the two teams.

“Mido” said in statements on Al-Nahar channel: “Khaled Jalal himself in a radio statement was the one who said this conversation, and he confirmed that the formation of Zamalek was leaked to him and this is his mistake.”

And he continued: “Captain Khaled, when you made a mistake and a duty, he started saying, ‘I am a normal mistake, you are trying to bear your mistake to anyone else. This talk is a failure. ”

He concluded: “There is an extent that Khaled Jalal heated up on me, implicated him in the attack against me, and made everyone talk about the crisis of Khaled Jalal and Mido instead of talking about that Khaled Jalal made a strong match against Zamalek.”

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