Adele boasts about her weight loss and praises Beyonce’s new album, “Black is King”


Adele continues the famous American singer, who has a wide global audience, to show off her recent loss of weight and the wonderful change that Adele made on her body, in a new post published by Adele on the social networking platform Instagram, where Adele praised her fellow famous singer “Beyonce” and her new visual album Black Is King “Black is the King.”

Adele appeared in the photo that she posted on Instagram wearing a shirt designed by designer Marine Sir, and her hair was beautifully curly, and Adele wrote in a tribute to Beyonce saying: “Thank you, Queen (referring to Beyonce) because you always make us feel love through your art.” “.

It should be noted that the first time that the big shift in Adele’s weight appeared during photos published at Drake’s birthday party last October.

Pete Gerasimo, a personal trainer who had a prominent role in Adele’s thinnest that impressed everyone, commented: “I hope people appreciate the hard work Adele has done to improve herself for the sake of herself first and for her family, she has not lost weight to make others feel bad about themselves or to show off. So arrogant as some believe. “

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