Actress Waad reports that her house in Beirut was destroyed by the explosion: Rahat Beatty


The Saudi artist Waad, her followers and her audience, participated in a video that showed the state of destruction in her home in Beirut, due to the explosion that occurred in the port harbor yesterday, which resulted in the destruction of a large number of homes and the displacement of thousands of Lebanese.

Waad published the video clip through her personal account on the Instagram photo site, and wrote, “My house was gone in all of Beirut, there is no power or strength except in God. Praise be to God in any case. May God have mercy on the world and compensate us for good.”


Today, Wednesday, the Lebanese government declared a two-week state of emergency in Beirut after a massive explosion in the port area that rocked the city on Tuesday and referred to the army responsibility for controlling security in the capital.

The Cabinet instructed the army to impose house arrest on anyone involved since 2014 in managing the warehouse, which contained huge quantities of high explosive material, according to a statement read by the Minister of Information.

The Council also approved an exceptional allocation of 100 billion Lebanese pounds to deal with the crisis. This amount is equal to 66 million dollars on the basis of the official exchange rate of 1500 pounds per dollar, but its value is actually equal to about 13 million dollars based on the latest price in the parallel market, which is about 7500 pounds against the dollar in the days leading up to the explosion.

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