A sunspot the size of Mars is moving towards the Earth … affecting communication systems and energy networks – politics – global diversities


A huge sunspot is expected to move toward Earth and is expected to increase in size over the next few days.

This spot is called “AR 2770” and has an opaque core the size of Mars.

This spot is considered a member of the “Solar Cycle 25”, an 11-year period of electromagnetic activity.

This new sunspot was observed by the American amateur astronomer Martin Wise, who took its pictures from Tenton, Florida.

“This sunspot was and an easy target for my solar telescope,” Wise said.

According to the US space agency NASA, psychological waves are a sudden explosion of energy caused by the intertwining of magnetic field lines near sunspots.

The accurate prediction of solar activity helps protect astronauts as they go out into space, and it also protects technologies such as satellites from destruction.

And last June, scientists from the University of Warwick in Britain unveiled a new sun clock that can calculate time in the sun.

Professor and author Sandra Chapman from the same university said, “The ability to assess the occurrence of solar hurricane hazards is important for space and terrestrial technologies that are usually sensitive to space climate, such as satellites, communication systems, networks that distribute electricity, and aviation.

The University of Warwick scientists used sunspot observations over two hundred years, and they mapped the activities of the sun during 18 solar cycles to set standards for this cycle and concluded that the sun begins a solar cycle every 11 years.

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