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A new study found that children “rarely” get severe cases of the Coronavirus and “very rarely” die as a result.

This study, the largest of its kind in the world, published in the British Medical Journal, comes at a time when many schools are preparing to receive students.

These experts say families should feel “reassured”. They emphasized that the likelihood that children will be hospitalized due to Corona is “low” and that the likelihood that they will need critical care is “much less.”

The study team identified children who are most likely to need hospital critical care support. This includes newborns under the age of one month, children between the ages of 10 and 14, black children, and children who are obese.

“Acute illness among children is rare, and death is rare as well,” said Calum Simble, professor of child health and disease outbreak medicine at the University of Liverpool. “Families should be confident that their children will not be directly harmed by returning to school, but rather they will be exposed.” Of harm by removing them from school due to lack of educational opportunities, and this affects their mental health.

The researchers were able to identify a set of symptoms associated with the severe inflammatory response resulting from Covid-19 that was seen in a small number of children, and that differed slightly from those currently known in the medical community.

The study stated that six children died during the study because all of them had “profound comorbidities” – multiple serious health conditions.

The new study examined data on children and youth who were hospitalized with the Coronavirus throughout England, Wales and Scotland, where 651 children were hospitalized, and 42% of them had other conditions.

Less than one in five (18%) were admitted to critical care during the study period – from the start of the crisis until 3 July.

The researchers also examined data on 52 children who showed signs of a severe inflammatory response to COVID-19. These young men are more likely to be older – with an average age of 10 years – and more likely to be non-white.

Dr. Olivia Swan, the author of the study and lecture in pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Edinburgh, says: “The absolute risk of any child in the United Kingdom entering the hospital with a small Covid, the absolute risk of their admission into critical care with Covid is much lower, there is nothing without risk to Absolutely, but for me as a mother, pediatrician and researcher, I find this study and these numbers very reassuring, hopefully reassuring parents across the UK. ”

When Professor Simpley was asked about the number of black children being admitted to critical care, he said: “The main issue here is that there have been no deaths of healthy school-age children, and that if a black child is in good health, there is absolutely no danger to it.”

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