A source in Al-Ahly: We are close to hiring a Portuguese coach for the junior sector


An informed source inside the Al-Ahly club revealed the scenes of his club’s negotiations with a foreign coach to take over the technical responsibility of the junior sector starting from the next season, and the source said that the new coach is Portuguese citizenship, refusing to reveal his name at the present time, stressing that he will be responsible for the technical matters of the different sectors teams inside the castle Red.

Regarding the possibility of contracting with Takis Junias, the former technical director of the Tigris, to take over the sector, the source confirmed that the Greek coach has a good CV, and is known for his competence, but that joining the sector is difficult, especially since he is a technical manager for large teams, and therefore it is not easy to convince him of the task of taking over The responsibility of the red junior sector, and therefore its name is not on the table.

Officials announce Al-Ahly The formation of the new youth sector next Wednesday, after Khaled Bebo, the sector manager, finished preparing his final concept in preparation for presenting it to the club’s board of directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, for his formal approval to start work immediately on developing the sector and return it to his previous rule in providing players continuously to the first football team..

Khaled Bebo is preparing to announce the formation of the sector and the technical devices that will take over the technical management of youth teams in the new season, after he took the responsibility to succeed Fathi Mabrouk, who has moved to the position of Head of Talent Management. At the time, he made an inventory of the most prominent talents in the sector to make professional contracts for them to preserve them and prevent their departure without the club’s approval.


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