A sharp message from Fayrouz’s daughter to the promoter of the rumor of her mother’s death




Despite Reem Rahbani, the daughter of the Lebanese artist Fairouz, denied the rumor of her mother’s death, this did not stop the flow of rumor, which prompted her to write more severe words, demanding to stop spreading lies.

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Rumors about the Lebanese singer Fairouz and her daughter respond to

News of Fayrouz’s death coincided with the protests that erupted in the center of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, following the port explosion, which killed dozens and injured thousands.

Yesterday, Monday, Reem Al-Rahbani said, through her account on the “Facebook” social networking site: “Oh children, go play far away. Everything you fabricate about, including rumors, pictures, news and ugliness, what you look like is nothing but your sordid and sick souls that will turn against you!”

And she added, “What made you worse and what made you clear! Even with such a time of darkness, sadness, and tragedy of this country, you could not overcome your hatred and hatred, and sleep and your sadness?”

And she continued: “I confirm, but the harm that they want from this is the blessings of all kinds that afflict us, because we know you and keep you and preserve your greed, but what happens to people who are no longer able to bear or anything additional, from the ugliness of the universe and the time that we arrived, and I am sure it is also true. You will be hurt, but, by God, you will pay for it. ”

Rima said: “This is a dirty time in which rumors have become circulating and people have been killed in a dimension that extends to a lifespan without verification, thinking, or review. This is nothing but participation in crime, filth and ugliness!”

A sharp message from Fayrouz's daughter to the promoter of the rumor of her mother's death

And she emphasized that: “There are no close sources, news sites, technical sites, WhatsApp, and media offices, all of which are more details and contribution to spreading lies and dirt!”

Earlier on Sunday, Fayrouz’s daughter denied the rumor of her mother’s death, saying: “To the spreaders of rumors who still have a desire, soul, and time under all circumstances, no matter how black they are, they are fabricating the same news!

The last appearance of Fayrouz, who is 84, was last April, when she went out to pray for the world’s survival from the Coronavirus crisis, whose number of people is increasing day by day.

Source: Agencies


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