A seminar to restore “the heritage of Beirut”


The “Lebanese Heritage Center” at LAU held its ninth communication seminar remotely, on the topic: “So that Beirut’s heritage face does not disappear.” The seminar was prepared by the director of the center, the poet Henry Zughaib, who stopped in his opening speech at the effects of the Beirut Port explosion, which destroyed “some of our dear Beirut, and we at the center are concerned with the affairs of heritage and its preservation.” For his part, the head of the Beirut Heritage Association stated that the latter had formed “more than one team specialized in every aspect of heritage work, to preserve this historical heritage, and to contribute to its restoration and restoration of its heritage face.” As for the restoration expert in charge of the buildings unit in the General Directorate of Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture, Asma Kalab spoke about the surveys that have so far covered 192 heritage buildings, of which 40 are totally damaged, and 13 have begun to be strengthened to prevent them from any subsequent damage. For his part, the expert in restoration, engineer Antoine Lahoud, focused on the Gemayzeh neighborhood, explaining its advantage, location and name, and “the details of its street, cafes, theater and buildings of a heritage character that distinguish it from its surroundings from Monot Street, the English Abdel Wahab Street, Mar Mikhael and others.” Lahoud supplemented his speech with a collection of old pictures that show “the character of the buildings in Gemayzeh and the architecture of the three arches, and the balconies in the facades of the buildings began to appear after the demise of the Ottoman rule, which prohibited balconies on homes, so their appearance had an impact on changing the sociological pattern in Lebanese society.”
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