A Russian center detonates a surprise about the Corona vaccine: There is no need to fear


The director of the Russian Research Center “Gamali”, Alexander Gintsburg, announced that the Corona virus particles in the “Covid-19” vaccine cannot reproduce, and there is no need to fear that they could harm.

Gentsburg said: The particles that we will vaccinate the body are based on adenoviruses and they are not alive. The living particles are the ones that are able to reproduce, but these particles (which make up the vaccine) are not alive. There is no reason to fear that the particles will hit our bodies with something.

And according to Ginsburg, the only thing these particles can do is feel discomfort, because when a foreign antigen is injected, the immune system starts working harder and the person’s temperature increases. This is what happened during clinical trials, and the temperature of some people who were injected with the vaccine rose to 37, and others to 38 degrees, and he added, but this problem can be solved by taking a paracetamol tablet.

Clinical trials of the vaccine, developed by the Gamali Research Center, Sechinov University, began on June 18. The study included 38 volunteers, and all those who received the vaccine developed immunity to the infection. The first group of volunteers went out on July 15, and the second left on July 20.


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