A pleasant surprise for Ronaldinho’s “Brazilian wizard” fans


Media reports revealed that legend football Brazilian, Ronaldinho Gaucho is close to leaving his house arrest for four months in a Paraguay hotel after being arrested while trying to enter the country with his brother with a false passport.

According to ESPN, she drew news from a lawyer Brazilian Ronaldinho reveals that by 90 % His case was closed, due to the lack of sufficient evidence condemning the “Brazilian wizard” by the Asuncion prosecution, which means the release of the player and his brother.

The authorities in Paraguay released Ronaldinho and his brother from prison on a financial guarantee of 800 thousand dollars, to be transferred to a luxury hotel in the capital Asuncion, after 32 days he spent in prison starting last March.

Ronaldinho, the 2002 world champion with the “Celicao” team and the former Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and Milan star, had tried to pay another bail in order to leave house arrest, but his request was rejected by a court in Paraguay.

On the other hand, media reports revealed earlier, that it is not unlikely that Ronaldinho will return to the stadiums despite reaching the age of 40, due to the presence of a display by Argentine football legend Diego Armando Maradona to train under his supervision in the Argentinian team Jemansia de La Plata.


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