A person blows himself up, and the dead and wounded .. What is the relationship of the Kaftun crime ?!


The Middle Road area in the town of Khirbet Daoud woke up to the sound of a large explosion that was heard in the town of Al-Bireh, Akkar and the neighborhood, according to what the “Al-Jadeed” correspondent reported.

Initial information stated that a raid was carried out by the Strike Force in the Information Branch, and that there were dead and wounded.

Al-Jadeed’s correspondent said that the operation appears to be linked to the Koura crime, when a Syrian person blew himself up.

According to the information, there was a relationship between the young Syrian nationality and one of the persons participating in the Koura crime, in which three people were killed. As for the explosion, it occurred in a small room on a land belonging to the geographically related to the town of Al-Bireh, Amiriya.

The mayor of Khirbet Daoud explained that the explosion is not within the scope of Khirbet Daoud, and there was a raid operation in the morning for the strike force, and this explosion happened, and we do not know until the moment whether it was a bomb or he was the one who detonated himself and is waiting for a statement issued by the security services to announce this thing, and the room is owned by someone from The town of Ain Al-Zayt, and we do not know if he rented it from him since the time of the crime. ”

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