A new animal in the charge circle … Suspicion of corona’s transmission between humans


Experts believe that the outbreak of the Corona epidemic among the mink began by infecting a worker on the farm of this animal, but this hypothesis has not been absolutely proven.

However, the Dutch government and one of the researchers have warned that there is also a “reasonable” possibility that some workers will catch the infection from Mink, As scientists seek to discover the validity of this hypothesis and the extent of the threat that such spread can pose.

According to the Regional Director of Agriculture and Environment, the outbreak in the Spanish mink farm near the village of La Puebla de Valverde, was discovered after seven out of 14 employees, including the owner, were infected in late May, and two others were infected even after the farm was closed, she said. The Associated Press.

More than 92,000 animals have been killed on the farm in the northeastern Aragon region Spain, Where more than 90 percent of farm animals are infected with the virus.

The Danish authorities have found an animal Mink Inside an infected farm in Coruna, 11,000 animals have been slaughtered for fear of the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, which this animal transmits to humans.

Last April, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture reported that it was confirmed that the mink was infected with a virus Sk On two farms in North Brabant County.

A veterinarian who studies viruses at Wageningen University and Research confirms that the strain The virus In animals it was similar to that spread among humans, indicating that this is possible for two workers who were infected with the virus.

If this is confirmed, researchers at the Curry Institute for Ecological Studies in Millbrook, New York state say, these will be the first known cases of coronavirus transmission from animals to humans.

Scientists believe that the new Corona virus that spread in the province ووهان The Chinese last December came from an animal source, possibly from bats, and later spread to humans, just as other corona viruses have done in the past.

Reports confirmed that some animals, including cats, tigers, and dogs, were infected with the Corona virus from humans, but there were no documented cases of transmission of the virus to humans.

According to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, some viruses Sk That infects animals can be transmitted to humans and then spread among people, but he indicated that this is rare.


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