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Corona Virus

Scientists at the Center for Cardiovascular Research at Ikana College of Medicine in New York have discovered that low body temperature when coronavirus infection is a factor that indicates the severity of the course of the disease.

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According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, that researchers studied the graphical statistics of patients’ review of doctors, and it was found that 44% of patients whose temperature was 35.5 degrees Celsius and less, died.

The researchers note, that the body temperature 40 degrees Celsius and higher in the stage of disease development also indicates the risk of the patient’s death. But in this case, the death rate was lower and reached 42%. However, it was unclear whether lowering the high temperature would help cure patients in a serious condition.

The researchers conclude from these results, that body temperature can be used as a preliminary index that can be easily measured.

Professor Sergey Netesov, head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Virology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, has indicated that it is known that hypothermia in the elderly is normal, so hypothermia of patients may simply be a sign of aging. Another possible cause of hypothermia may be the weakening of the body’s immune system response, which does not produce the necessary amount of interleukin-1 (an inflammatory and immune mediator). This is one of the methods the body uses to fight infection.

Source: Izvestia


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