A million acres of California forest burned, tens of thousands fleeing


Yesterday, Sunday, the efforts of thousands of firefighters in the US state of California continued to extinguish its historic forest fires, which have so far reached more than a million acres, forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes, while meteorologists warned of the extension of their patch due to lightning.
Thousands of lightning strikes in recent days ignited fires that left clouds of thick smoke blanketing the area, yesterday, Saturday. The state’s fire department estimated the total burned area at about one million acres. The device expected more lightning until Tuesday, urging everyone to stand by, and to develop an evacuation plan.
“With severe droughts, thunderstorms can spark more wildfires over the weekend,” the weather service said. She added: “A large area of ​​smoke covered western America and the Great Plains, as a result of the continuous forest fires that stretch from the Rocky Mountains to the West Coast.” About 2,600 firefighters deal with the two largest fires out of the 13,700 fighting about 20 major fires.
“If you don’t believe climate change, come to California,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a tweet with a photo of the disaster. He added: «This picture today. It is only a small part of the nearly 600 fires we are fighting this week. ”
The two largest fires destroyed about 660,000 acres, and about 840,000 buildings. And one of the two fires hit more than 340,000 acres by Sunday morning, making it the second worst fire in the state’s history, with 10% contained.
As for the second fire, it covered 325,000 acres, and was considered the third largest fire in the country’s history. It was contained by 15%. The Los Angeles Times reported that 1.2 million acres were burned in California last month, 259,000 acres more than last year’s total. (AP)


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