A medical study reveals the most age group to die of the Coronavirus


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A recent medical study revealed thatElderly men are more likely to fall victim to, or die from, the Corona virus, compared to women of the same age..

According to “Sky News Arabia”, this disparity poses a confusion among researchers, amid questions about why women are less affected by disease compared to men, according to what was reported by “The New York Times”“.

The first study of its kind focused on the performance of the immune system of both genders when exposed to infection from outside.

The results showed that the response of the men’s immune system is weaker than the response of the woman’s body, when dealing with the emerging corona virus, which causes the Covid-19 epidemic..

The study stated that men, especially those over the age of sixty, need a vaccine more in order to protect themselves from infection..

The researcher at Yale University of America, Akiko Iwasaki, who is the author of the study, confirmed that infection does not lead to the required and appropriate immune response in a man, according to the American New York Times.


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