A major crisis erupted between Ahmed Flux and Hani Shaker due to the sudden death of YouTuber Mustafa Hafnawi




Ahmed Flux and Hani Shaker

A big crisis arose between the head of the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, Hani Shaker, and the artist, Ahmed Flux, after the latter strongly criticized Shaker for his mourning for the death of the famous YouTuber Mustafa Hafnawi.

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The beginning of the problem came because of a post Hani Shaker wrote on his official Instagram page in which the late Mustafa Hafnawi mourned, saying: “With a sad heart, I offer my sincere condolences to the family of this beautiful young man. And forgiveness. ”

But Hani Shaker’s mourning for the late Mustafa Hafnawi was not accepted by the artist Ahmed Flux, who wrote through his Facebook account attacking the head of the musicians ’Syndicate:“ No comment. I swear by God a hypocritical amount, in this time is not normal, or is the time over the life that we have been living. In it, if I know you will know him, enough remains, what are you? Corona is your teacher, you don’t know a need, you don’t know, you’re afraid of a hospital, you don’t need anything, and you’re captain.

As a result of this comment, Flux was subjected to severe attack from his followers, defending Hani Shaker, especially since Shaker had nothing to do with Hafnawi’s death, which led Flux to retract the post and delete it.

Despite his deletion of the post, Flux returned to open fire on Hani Shaker in a video clip he broadcast through his account, saying that Shaker “liked to steal the lights,” stressing that he did not help him during his illness, and did not visit him as did the artist Tamer Hosni, who went to the hospital to check on him.

Flux even attacked all the artists who called “Hafnawi”, saying: “They are pretenders and they are looking for fame only, and they did not do anything for the late,” he said.

Once again, Flux returned to delete the video clip, before going out on another live broadcast in which he apologized for what happened to the artist Hani Shaker, stressing that the latter was of great value and stature, and he did not intend to offend him, especially as he is a personal friend of his father.

A source said that the great artist Hani Shaker rejected the apology of the artist, Ahmed Flux, who broadcast it on his personal page on the social networking site “Facebook” after he attacked him during the past hours because of Shakir’s obituary to the late Youtuber Mustafa Al-Hefnawi.

Shaker considered that what Phlox did against him was an unforgivable mistake, especially since what he did (i.e. Shaker) was to present an obituary to a person he did not know, which he mentioned about the death of his daughter Dina, who passed away in the glory of her youth.

In the same context, a source said that the artist Ashraf Zaki intervened in the matter and attacked Flux for what he did and ordered him to apologize to the artist Hani Shaker on his page, and that Zaki apologized to Shaker for what happened to Flux.

Source: Al Watan


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