A lion surprises a Saudi family while slaughtering the sacrifice! ( Video )


It is known that during the days of Eid al-Adha, families sacrifice sacrifices, but it is not uncommon for Aswat to share this occasion.

Asad surprised a Saudi family by appearing on the wall of the house when they slaughtered the sacrifice of Eid al-Adha.

Haitham Khaled, a Saudi citizen, said in a video, according to what the Saudi “Al-Arabiya” channel reported, that a lion appeared on the wall of his family’s house and kept watching the sacrifice from above, positioned a few meters away from it.

Khaled added, it is natural for the residents to see the sacrifice of cats or dogs that come from the smell, but this is the first time that a lion appears to participate in the operation.
“Lion … Lion”

He continued: “Today a lion is upon us, we met him in the yard … Imagine a morning prayer coming to your lion at your home.”

Then he pointed out that he was surprised when he heard his family screaming “a lion .. a lion” and thought that they saw a large cat or the like, but he was surprised that he was really a lion.

In addition, the family rushed to contact the civil defense forces, the police, and the municipal apparatus, who came to deal with the incident.


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