A legal dispute between an American company and the “Apple” and “Google” stores


The American company “Epic Games” filed a lawsuit against “Apple” and “Google”, after they deleted their famous “Fortnite” game from their electronic stores, following a dispute over the financial return of the game.

According to the company, “Epic” for games, it does not seek from the lawsuit behind the lawsuit to obtain financial compensation from “Apple Store” and “Google Play”, but wants court orders guaranteeing a change in the way technology companies run their own app stores.

The elimination of the electronic stores of the game came after “IPIC” announced the activation of the purchase feature within the game itself after its installation, which deprives “Apple” and “Google” of the profit rate on each purchase of the game.

The two companies separately obtain 30 percent of the game’s sale through their online stores, but “Epic” believes that this percentage is high, and wants to deprive the two companies of obtaining it in exchange for selling “Fortnite”.

And Apple confirmed the removal of the “Fortnite” game from its store, saying that its developer had launched the direct payment feature “in clear violation of the application store guidelines.”

Google did the same, but it kept the doors open for APIC to backtrack on its decision.

Dan Jackson, a spokesman for “Google”, said that his company “welcomes the continuation of the discussion with Epic to return the game Fortnite to the Google Play Store.”

According to Sky News, in the “Epic” lawsuit, the company said: “We do not seek to obtain any financial compensation, but we only want to obtain an order that prevents Google and Apple from continuing to impose specific competitive behavior.”

The game “Fortnite”, which simulates field battles, is very popular worldwide since its launch in 2017, and was downloaded about two million times last month only from the stores “Apple” and “Google”.


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