A judicial request to re-investigate Gerard Depardieu on charges of rape


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Elaf from Beirut: The Paris Public Prosecution asked a judge to investigate charges of rape affecting actor Gerard Depardieu, who denies her authenticity, after first closing the file without any conviction, according to judicial sources told AFP on Saturday.

The plaintiff, a twenty-year-old representative, filed a complaint with a claim of civil right, with a view to reopening the investigation into the case following its closure in the spring of 2019.

Complaints with the civil right prosecution allow an automatic judicial investigation to be opened and a judge appointed to investigate the case.

On Friday, the public prosecutor in Paris indicated that it had made allegations for the purpose of taking knowledge of the rape charge.

And it is now up to the Attorney General to take a decision regarding opening an investigation, which happens in the vast majority of cases, or not.

The Prosecutor wishes “that the judiciary, and in particular the judicial authorities (…), be able to carry out their work in peace and quiet,” according to a statement sent by her lawyer, Elodie Twain-Ebon, to Agence France-Presse, regretting “the unjustified closure” of the preliminary investigation.

Defense agent Gerard Depardieu, lawyer Herve Tamim, refused to answer questions from Agence France-Presse for comment on the matter.

Last June, the Paris Public Prosecution completed its initial investigation nine months after its launch, explaining that “the numerous investigations conducted” did not allow “to establish the violations referred to in all its criminal elements”.

The prosecutor had filed a first complaint at the end of August 2018 with regard to a rape incident that she said she had suffered at the 71-year-old representative’s house in Paris on August 7, 2018 and thirteenth.


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