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A study of the ancient German hospital, “Charité Berlin”, showed that some of those who had not previously had coronavirus have immunity to the virus, and this may be due to a previous infection with a coronary coronavirus.
The study revealed that infection with previous diseases may have a potential impact on the chances of infection with the virus, and several German media sites have quoted a press release issued by the ancient hospital in the capital. Specialized German sites have referred to the T-Cell, which plays a vital role in the immune system. The scientists noted that a third of those who were not infected with the Corona virus had this type of cell, which can identify the new type of corona, according to the transfer of the German “Duchi Villa” website.
Scientists have taken immune cells from 18 people infected with the virus and immune cells from 68 people who were not infected with it. Then the researchers stimulated the immune cells with artificial small particles of SARS-Covid-2.
What surprised the researchers was the presence of T-helper cells in the blood of people who were not infected with the Coronavirus: 24 out of 68 had “memory cells” that recognized the emerging Coronavirus. The researchers attributed the identification of T-helper cells to previous infections with coronavirus coronavirus. The researchers explained this by a phenomenon in immunology called “transient activity”: an antibody is bound to two generators against two different but they have an identical or similar surface part.
To find out the exact cause and how to make a previous infection with a coronavirus provide protection from infection with an emerging coronavirus, other studies are required in this regard. The Charité Hospital, the Technical University of Berlin and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics have begun research in this area. The study is funded by the German Ministry of Health and the “Federal Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices”.

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