A final session to resolve Al-Nini’s fate with Besiktas .. and Trabzon awaits


Turkish press reports confirmed that the Beşiktaş club management will hold a session with the Egyptian Muhammad Al-Nini after the end of the current Eid al-Adha period, to discuss his future with the team.

According to the Turkish newspaper Aksam, the session, which I described as the last, will bring the two parties together to discuss the player’s salary file, which will be determined according to whether Alnini will continue with Besiktas or not.

The newspaper pointed out that Besiktas wanted Al-Nini to stay during the next season by extending his loan period, but at the same time he wanted to reduce his current salary.

And Turkish press reports indicated that, days ago, Besiktas was communicating with Arsenal to pay half of El-Neni’s salary next season to extend his current loan.

The loan period of El-Eni and Besiktas ended with the end of the Turkish League competitions, but the player and his team wanted to extend it for another period, which led to the start of negotiations between them.

The newspaper concluded its report by noting that the Trabzonspor club is currently awaiting Al-Nini’s position, in preparation for the start of negotiations with him if he does not agree with Besiktas.


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