A doctor warns of new symptoms of Corona, which should be observed


11:00 AM

Thursday 06 August 2020

One doctor warned that itching, burning and skin pain are “new symptoms of the Coronavirus” that you should beware of.
Experts saw an increasing number of patients, who experienced symptoms similar to arterial disease, but their infection was later discovered by the Corona virus.
Arterial disease is a common circulatory problem, as narrow arteries reduce blood flow to the extremities.
Dr. Lyan Atkin, who works as a consultant at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, said patients with mild symptoms of the Corona virus could have symptoms such as burning, according to what was reported by Russia Today.
Atkin, a member of the Institute for Skin Safety and Infection Prevention at the University of Hull, said there was a “worrying increase” in the number of patients who show symptoms of itching.
The symptoms of “Covid Fingers” are a skin condition caused by “Covid-19”, and it was first identified in April by Spanish health care workers. And those who have developed the condition will look like they have swollen fingers.
NHS England says the main symptoms of the virus include: new persistent cough, high temperature, loss of taste and smell.
While experts are still trying to understand the virus, some scientists said that there are other symptoms that may indicate that you have the virus. Problems of digestion and change in bowel habits were previously included as symptoms. Some patients have previously reported aches and pains, as well as chills.
Each person’s immune system works differently, and other reported symptoms include: a feeling of dizziness or tingling, dizziness, pink eye, or conjunctivitis.
Research by Imperial College London has also listed headaches as another major symptom of the virus.
Patients with “Covid toes” can also feel burning and itching around the affected areas, and Dr. Atkin said that this is a “relatively new symptom”, and “it is imperative that there is an increased awareness among doctors about patients’ feet, and how changes can be in Color is a sign of infection even in the absence of any other symptoms.
Atken added that such symptoms can appear in moderate “Covid-19” patients, who continue to recover fully, and may also have pain and a change in the color of the feet.
She said that there is an increase in the number of people with acute ischemia and ischemic injuries, all linked to the Corona virus, according to the report. Acute limb ischemia restricts the blood supply to tissues and can cause oxygen deficiency.


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