“A couple of men” in Beirut


Lebanese actor Nicolas Moawad joined the team

Very quickly, not exceeding the week, the “Qaeda Mena” program filmed about six episodes of television work in Beirut. The talk show brings together on the list of its sponsors, the Lebanese actor Nicolas Mouawad, with the participation of Egyptian Khaled Selim and the Syrian Qais Sheikh Naguib, and directed by Haitham Ezzo. The team arrived in Beirut a few days ago to film the episodes and hosted in one of the episodes the Syrian singer Asala Nasri, who is also in Beirut, to shoot one of her songs from her new album expected to be released soon. In this context, the “Qa’da al-Rajala” team did not specify the channel that will be broadcast on it, provided that the episodes are presented to the Arab and Egyptian channels and specify the screen that will be presented to them. On the other hand, the project leaders finished filming the episodes and the team returned to Egypt, provided that the presenters wait for a whistle from the producers to resume filming the rest of the episodes after agreeing with the station that will display it. It is mentioned that the first season of “Qa’dah al-Rajala” was previously shown, and included Iyad Nassar, Maxim Khalil, and Sharif Salama. Later, the program presented by the Egyptian Dmc channel was modified, and it was carried out by: Basil Al-Khayat, Ahmed Fahmy and Karim Fahmy.


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