A corpse was found in the Kula locality … and the security forces circulated descriptions


The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces stated that “on 1/8/2020, a body of the so-called: Mahmoud Nawwaf Qasim (born 1980, Maktoum al-Qaid) was found in the Kula locality towards the Sports City inside a parking lot, before the Egyptian embassy.
The Directorate revealed in a statement about the descriptions of this corpse, saying: The height is about 165 cm, moderately brown, dark-skinned, with black hair and has a beard and mustache, wearing a gray jacket and blue jeans, noting that the body was transferred to the Dar Al-Shifa Association near the Hariri dispensary. – Sabra, and it was found that he died as a result of a sharp drop in the heart. According to the reference of the competent judiciary, the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces asked his family or those who know something about him, to contact the Ramlet al-Bayda family in the Beirut Police Unit on the number: 01-790714, in preparation for receiving the body.

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