A company that cuts Facebook and pulls its ads for this reason


About a thousand companies boycotted “Facebook” and decided to withdraw their ads from the platform, due to the fact that “Facebook” does not deal decisively with the increase in hate speech and misinformation, according to the New York Times..

The newspaper said that more than a thousand companies (out of 9 million) publicly joined the Facebook boycott campaign organized by a number of associations defending the rights of minorities and immigrants under the name Stop Hate for Profit, “Stop hate for profit”, while other companies reduced Spend it silently.

The spending rate of the largest 100 companies from the provinces decreased to 12% from last year, while the spending of 9 companies decreased from about 507.5 million dollars to 26.2 million dollars.

Several companies that have moved away from Facebook said they intend to return, knowing that many are small family businesses or individuals who rely on the platform to promote their products.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of “Facebook” that the company will depend on small business and medium-sized companies, and added: “It seems that some wrongly assume that our work depends on a few large advertisers.”

And Facebook reported that the top 100 spenders contributed 16% of its revenue of $ 18.7 billion in the second quarter, which ended on June 30. Facebook reported that during the first three weeks of July, total advertising revenue increased by 10% compared to last year, a rate that the company expects to continue for the full quarter.

Observers believe that the boycott campaign has had a reputation “Facebook” more than its pocket, and that what could really harm “Facebook” is the long-term impact of the campaign on its reputation as it will become linked in the public’s eyes to spreading “hate speech” and other “inappropriate content” .


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