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Dubai Customs celebrated Emirati Women’s Day, through visual communication technology, and was attended by Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs, and a number of executives, department directors, and department employees.

The department’s celebration on this day comes in recognition of the role of Emirati women on the day designated for them, confirming that women deserve praise and appreciation for the unprecedented achievements that they have achieved in all fields, and in support of female competencies in the department of all job levels, as the work environment of Dubai Customs is an environment that attracts young talents and competencies. Of both sexes.

Musabbah congratulated the female employees on this day, praising their performance in the department, where they work with enthusiasm and high efficiency side by side with men, saying: “Women in the UAE have achieved a qualitative leap in all fields, which has been achieved only with the support of the wise leadership that has provided all the support for them, trusted them and made them Among the planners for a pioneering developmental future in which women will walk with men.

He indicated the department’s commitment to the strategy to support women. The department embraces 754 female employees, which represents 25% of the department’s employees, of whom 255 work in field and security jobs as customs inspectors. Contribute to raising the level of performance and work in Dubai Customs, and achieving its vision of being the leading customs administration in the world that supports legitimate trade.

For her part, Maryam Al Shamsi, head of the Women’s Committee in Dubai Customs, said that Emirati women have achieved many achievements in various fields and have been keen at the same time to play their developmental and social roles and balanced between them, and lived their brightest eras under a wise leadership that spared no effort to support and enable them to reach the highest Positions and representation of the state locally, regionally and internationally. We feel proud and proud of being Emirati.

The celebration witnessed the organization of a lecture under the slogan “Our Mental Health” by Dr. Asma Bin Huwaidi from Mediclinic Hospital through visual communication technology, where she talked about women’s mental health and how the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) affected the psychological stability of women.



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