700 Music makers against racism: silence is not an option


The message says racism has the same roots: ignorance, lack of education, and scapegoats (Getty)

The face of more than 700 people of makers Music In the UK, including artists, directors, producers, and companies Open letter She urges people to “stand together” and “eliminate.” Racism right Now”.

“BBC” reported that the two signatories included Little Mix, the American singer Nile Rodgers, the Scottish singer Louis Cabaldi and the British singer Rita Ora.

Hundreds of music industry representatives co-signed the message, saying We are proudly united to raise our voices and take responsibility. Silence is not an option. “

The message says that the representatives of the music industry want to show “that love, unity and friendship, not division and hatred, should be our common cause and will always be.”

“We are at our worst when we attack each other. Minorities of all backgrounds and beliefs have struggled. All forms of racism have the same roots: ignorance, lack of education, scapegoats,” she added..

According to the message, music “brings joy and hope and connects us all … Through music, education and sympathy we can find unity.”

British rapper Willie had made headlines recently, after he published a series of “anti-Semitic tweets” and banned his Twitter account. In a television interview last week he apologized for the “generalization” about the Jewish people and said, “I am not a racist.”

The directors of the message said that anyone who wants to add their name can do so next week.


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