$ 615,000 for Michael Jordan’s sneakers – the finish line


A sports shoe worn by American basketball legend Michael Jordan sold for $ 615,000, breaking a record for another shoe for the same player months ago, according to what Christie’s auction house announced Thursday.

The shoe bears the name “Air Jordan 1 Hayes” and the American star wore it in an exhibition match in Italy when he smashed a ball that shattered the glass back of the basket.

“This is an original shoe with an actual piece of backboard, a piece of glass in the sole of the shoe,” said Caitlin Donovan, Handbag and Sneaker Sales Manager at Christie’s, who organized the auction with Stadium Gods.

Jordan scored 30 points in that match wearing the 13.5-inch red, black and white Chicago Bulls’ boots.

The “Air Jordan 1” shoe, designed by Nike in 1985 and signed by the Bulls star, became the most expensive in history last May, after it was sold at auction at Sotheby’s at a value of $ 560,000.

The Air Jordan 1 was the first model specially designed by Nike for Jordan and he wore it in his first season at NBA when he started his professional career with the Chicago Bulls in 1984 and won the league title on six occasions between 1991 and 1998.

This reflects the tremendous success of the documentary series “The Last Dance” (“The Last Dance”), which shed light on Jordan’s career and successes with the Bulls, boosting his souvenir sales and trading some of them by tens of thousands of dollars.

Air Jordan shoes, with their various designs, have gained wide popularity with collectors over the past decades, as have the T-shirts and photo tickets of the player, who is widely considered the greatest player of the game throughout history.



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