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The success of the weight-loss process depends on the lifestyle and habits followed that differ from one person to another. To succeed, you must make permanent changes in your lifestyle and healthy habits. In this context, the nutrition consultant at Orion Technology, Cynthia Boukhalil, provides 7 tips for successful weight loss:

Don’t do it alone

Find a support team. Success in changing habits and behaviors needs constant support from the people around you. Share your accomplishments with family and friends, and they will help you reach your goals if you talk to them and involve them in your journey.

Set your goals

Set short and long term goals. Determining exactly what you want to achieve helps you focus. Set realistic goals and simple steps to reach it, and don’t forget to celebrate each success. For most people, reaching a goal is addictive because it gives you a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Plan ahead

Plan what meals you’ll eat, timings and budgets. This will allow you to prepare some meals in advance, which will make it easier. Make sure you have the foods or ingredients you will need at home, which makes you less likely to make wrong choices when feeling hungry.

Track your progress

So do food choices and frequently assess activity levels, weight and body fats. One of the best tools to help you track your progress is a smart scale to measure your weight and body fat and keep you on the right track.

More activity

If you’ve taken up exercise time, adding more activity is a simple way to burn extra calories without overdoing it. Walking for 20 minutes a day can help you burn up to 100 extra calories.

Surgical options

If you have tried to follow a healthy diet with a physical training program, and you have not been able to lose weight, you can consult your doctor and resort to surgical options to ensure safe and healthy weight loss.

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