6 photos of artist Nermin El Faki at the sea..Enjoy the beach before her photography begins


The Egyptian actress Nermin El-Feky took advantage of her summer vacation period by being continuously on the seashore, who took many photos on him during the last period, and also published it through her accounts on social media, before the beginning of her filming of many of the dramas that are scheduled to participate during the period Coming.

Nermin El-Feky grabs new gaze on the sea

The artist published Nariman al-Fiqi During the past few days, many pictures appearing on the beach during her summer vacation there. Artist Nermin El-Feki since the end of the month of Ramadan and she is eager to publish her photos through her account on “Instagram”. Nermin El-Feki congratulated her followers on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, where she published A bold photo collection of her vacation and commented on her saying: “The last day of the holiday, may God bless you all and make all your days feasts.” Also, the Egyptian artist published a video of her while she was swimming and commented on him saying: “Despite the sea, Eli, but with his masterpiece.”

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Nermeen Al-Fiqi on the sea in her childhood

The artist Nermin El-Feky Not only did she publish her photos on the sea during her vacation, she also made sure to publish a set of photos of her childhood while she was on the beach at this stage of her life, where she appeared in a picture as a child wearing swimsuits, and Nermin Al-Fiqi commented on the pictures that she published briefly and she said: ” Past and Present. “Many of her colleagues in the artistic community interacted with the pictures, and the artist wrote Caroline Azmy Commenting on the pictures of Nermin El-Feki, she wrote: “Beautiful as usual,” as well as the artist Abeer Mounir.

Business events involving Nermin El-Feki

The artist Nermin El-Feky During the upcoming period, she is preparing to participate in more than one important dramatic work, most notably the series “Descendants of Strangers” with each of the artist Ahmed El-Sakka and Amir Karara, Which will be shown in Ramadan 2021, and will also participate in the series “Street 9” with each of the Rania Youssef, Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, and Hoda El-Atriby, And also participates in the series “Pearl” with each of the star Mai Omar, Edward, and Naglaa Badr, Ahmed Magdy, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, and the work was written by Zainab Aziz, and directed by Muhammad Abdul Salam.

It is reported that the last series in which the artist participated Nermin El-Feky It is “My Share and Divide 3”, which was shown in 2019, and achieved great success at the time of its presentation.


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