4 new Saudi stations join the global cruise flights – Saudi News


Four Saudi ports have joined global cruise terminals with the aim of creating a different and exceptional tourism experience in the Kingdom, and within the framework of the Saudi Tourism Authority’s efforts to highlight internal tourist attractions, create a new concept for tourism and provide opportunities for tourists to visit the most famous landmarks in the country. The trips were launched in the Red Sea during the Saudi summer season (breathing), which the authority announced that it would launch from June 25 to September 30, 2020 in ten tourist destinations.Global Cruise flights operate on two routes: The first takes three nights to stand at Yanbu port, then a day at sea ends with returning passengers on the fourth day to King Abdullah Economic City. As for the second route, it takes four nights, starting from King Abdullah Economic City to Neom, and passengers stay there for two days, then heading to Yanbu Port and ending with the return of passengers on the fifth day to King Abdullah City. The itinerary is characterized by the diversity of natural areas and pearly beaches, through the most famous pure coral reefs and the Red Sea islands known for their enchanting beauty and uninhabited beaches. Cruise ships are among the most famous and prestigious international cruises, they are the first choice for lovers of sailing, exploration, luxury and relaxation, and its large fleet and yachts offer many services and facilities suitable for adults and children and many activities and events and it has a professional crew to make the trip exceptional for travelers, and each cruise trip has its own advantages.

The cruise activity has witnessed a large turnout in recent years, according to what was monitored by the US states. In 2011, there are 29.4 billion dollars and more than 19 million passengers were transported around the world in marine vessels. The industry has witnessed rapid growth, since 2001 there are nine or more ships newly built each year to meet the needs of customers, travelers and fans of this type of trip. The Saudi Authority has established a special site for (Breathe the Spirit of Saudi Arabia) that enables those wishing to take an adventure and book their trip on luxury (cruise) ships.

“Carnival and Princess” from the Caribbean to the coast of the Red Sea

Royal Caribbean is one of the largest companies in the world at all in terms of fleet or size of ships. It is a pioneer in Caribbean destinations and an excellent choice for those looking for recreation and comfort and is best suited for families, as it provides recreational activities suitable for all ages, including (Aqua Park) and climbing walls. Ice skating, skydiving simulators, basketball and volleyball courts, and a team of specialists so that parents can enjoy their time without worrying about their children. As for the “Norwegians”, it is the second largest and creative fleet in the Mediterranean and North Sea destinations. It is characterized by many types of entertainment and programs, and it is a good choice for medium-sized families. Among the cruise ships, the “Carnival” is desirable for young people. Its fleet is relatively old and is characterized by a large number of youth programs and destinations in the Caribbean, Mediterranean or Asia islands. The “Princess” is the ship of the elite. It is one of the few companies that have trips around the world for long periods, while Disney Cruise is popular with families who want to entertain their children through events, activities and games for all ages. Disney trips provide everything that parents and young children need and infants, as they provide nurseries for children. Less than 3 years with a games area, and Disney ships are decorated with cartoon characters. Among the ships are also “MSC”, which are wanted by senior citizens, and their ships are old to medium, and there is also “Costa” that is loved for newlyweds.


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