4 new flu strains added to coronavirus in autumn


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The Russian Ministry of Health announced that 4 new flu strains will appear in the fall, in addition to the coronavirus. What is the danger of these strains?

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Russian Health is planning a major campaign to prevent synergies between influenza and Corona

Dr. Teltiana Roginchova, head of the clinical research department at the Central Institute of Epidemiology, points out that, according to the World Health Organization, the four strains are types A and B, and she says, “Three of the four expected influenza strains are completely new, and the fourth strain is of type. , Which spread last year. ”

In past epidemic seasons, types A and B, which differ from their predecessors, are expected to spread as new. What do we expect from the next epidemic season?

Dr. Anna Popova, head of the Consumer Protection Authority in Russia, notes that according to the World Health Organization, vaccines against these types of flu are available, and this means that vaccination against influenza is more important than ever.

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Influenza vaccine can reduce the risk of developing a disease that has no medication by about a fifth

And it says, “The installation of the influenza strain vaccine, recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), includes all new strains. Therefore, WHO forecasts that influenza viruses that will circulate this year have not been vaccinated in the past. This stresses the need for influenza vaccination in this year”.

For his part, Dr. Evgeny Timakov, an infectious disease specialist, says, “Because of the coronavirus, we have forgotten that there are other infectious diseases, including influenza, that visit us annually. But unfortunately this year it seems that the influenza virus will change, and four new strains will spread from it. So I advise Everyone needs to be vaccinated against influenza this year. ”

Nor should we forget that these strains will spread alongside the coronavirus. This means that with the fall and winter seasons everyone will be at risk. Therefore it is necessary to protect oneself in a timely manner by vaccination against influenza.

Source: Veste.ru


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