37 new cases of corona in the kufur


The municipality of Kfour – Tol issued a statement on the infection with the new Corona virus in its scope stating: “After the four workers of Bengali nationality were recently infected and all those in contact with them, including Syrian, Sudanese and Bangladeshi workers, were quarantined, and the municipality of Kfour accompanied the Lebanese Red Cross teams who were assigned to them by the Ministry of Public Health. “The transfer of the quarantined people to conduct a PCR examination for them and return them to their homes in which they are quarantined, after the sterilization and disinfection team in the municipality sterilized all the quarantined apartments and rooms after they left for the examination.”The statement added, “We regret in the municipality that we announce that 37 cases of the epidemic have been confirmed from residents in the town of Tul, distributed among Lebanese and non-Lebanese, other than the quarantined workers who were subjected to examination today. Accordingly, the municipality asks its people and citizens, especially in the town of Toul, to exercise the utmost caution. And caution in their movement and exit from their homes except for the utmost necessity and full adherence to all personal protection measures approved by the Ministry of Public Health, and the media office in the municipality will issue tomorrow, Friday, a detailed statement about new infections and their causes to contain those in contact with them, and the measures that we will adopt in order to confront and respond together For this emergency matter. “


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