3,236 Amazon satellites are horrifying astronomers – see why


Amazon US Federal Communications Commission approved the launch of 3,326 satellites within the Kuiper Project; This number is about 600 higher than the number of satellites currently in Earth’s orbit, according to what the New York Times published, although the two astronomers are most concerned about these developments, not a week ago SpaceX launched the latest batch of the Starlink project, consisting of 57 satellites – bringing a total What it launched to about 600 satellites – otherwise news of their opposition appeared.

These microscopic satellites have been corrupting their astronomical observations since their launch, as bright lines of light appear in the images..

Michael Bannester, a planetary astronomer at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, told the newspaper: “Until now there are no general guidelines governing this field. It has no supervisory body that sets standards of behavior in the name of all the companies competing in launching satellites, nor regulations that bind the companies in the field to clear guidelines. Now it’s like flying planes into the sky and leaving them on their own without air traffic control. ”

The problems are likely to persist and SpaceX, Amazon and the like fill the night sky with thousands – or tens of thousands – satellites..

SpaceX has tried to coat its moons with a non-reflective coating, but is still asking for a really effective solution. As for Amazon, its spokesperson told the newspaper that reflectivity is one of the most important considerations we considered when designing and developing.

Nevertheless, astronomers are calling for national legislative bodies to take action to ensure that terrestrial astronomy will withstand this new fashion. But we don’t yet know what will happen to the clear night sky.

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