3 real dangers you face when using incognito .. know them


Sunday 02 August 2020 | 20:09

There is no doubt that there are many users of social networking sites and browsing sites resorting to the experience of hidden browsing or “Incognito Mode”, thinking that it will help protect them and protect their privacy and the research data that they do, and although it is useful at times and preserves the privacy of users, but it involves On a number of risks.
According to the American “WIRED” magazine, any browser that is used, whether Chrome browser from Google, Edge from Microsoft, Firefox from Mozilla or even Safari from Apple, it carries the same risks and exposes the privacy of users to danger, and there are 3 basic risks that most users should know to browse Hidden:

Hacking user data during cyber attacks

There is a common misconception that incognito browsing protects your computer or smartphone from malware and viruses, when used, and incognito mode does not provide any additional security protections, except that malware can be installed through the browser.

Knowing the actual geographical location of the users

Most users believe that by using invisible browsing, the actual geographical location of them cannot be recognized, and that they are safe, but that is not true. It is very easy by hackers or even advertisers or any other person with some simple loopholes to know your current location and determine it easily.

Advertisers know who you are

When you open an incognito browser tab, Chrome or any other browser displays a message: “Now you can browse privately, but the truth is that Incognito Mode or Incognito Mode does not provide any protection at all from website operators and advertisers, as Anything you search for will be saved to your Google Google profile, and many ad tracking software will continue to monitor you and track you across the web.

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