16 cases of corona virus infection in “Al-Masry Al-Port Said”


The Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan

Tariq Al-Ashry

The Egyptian Port Said club announced the discovery of 16 cases of Corona infection in the ranks of the first team, after conducting the last medical swab.

Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi explained that among the injured were Tariq Al-Ashry, the technical director, Abdel-Zahir Al-Sakka, the football director, and Ayman Bassiouni Abdel Halim, the load scheme.

Among the players, 12 cases of HIV infection were discovered, making Al-Masry the second largest team in which the number of infections was discovered, after the Military Production Club, in which 18 cases were discovered in one go 3 weeks ago.

The Al-Masry team will return to Port Said in the coming hours, where the Burj Al Arab camp, which is currently established, will be completed.

The names of those infected with the Corona virus in the Al-Masry team came as follows: Ahmed Masoud, Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid, Amr Moussa, Ahmed Abdel Fattah, Ezi Emeka, Abdel-Rahman Zain, Baha Magdy, Ahmed Adel Messi, Mohamed Cheka, Ibrahim Al-Ghanem and Ziad Faraj.

It is reported that Al-Masry lost to Zamalek last Thursday with a clean goal in the postponed match of the 14th week in the league, which was held at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria.

Nasser Hatem

Source: RT


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