149 million tons of cargo handled at Saudi ports during the first half


The tons of cargo handled in Saudi ports, which are supervised by the General Authority for Ports (Mawani), during the first half of this year amounted to 149 million tons, while the total number of outgoing and incoming containers reached 3.4 million containers and coming through 5,959 vessels.According to the statistical indicator issued by the General Authority for Ports, Saudi ports during the same period achieved an increase in the number of transshipment containers by 4.23%, by 1.1 million containers, as well as an increase in total foodstuffs by 17%, by 14 million tons.

This growth in the performance of Saudi ports during the first half of 2020 included the number of imported cars, an increase of 17%, by 395,000 cars, while the number of livestock reached 1.4 million head of livestock.

Since the beginning of the new Corona pandemic, the Ports Authority has worked to implement a series of operational plans and precautionary measures in cooperation with various relevant government sectors, to ensure the quality and effectiveness of performance and business continuity around the clock with efficiency and competence, which contributed to providing supply chains and ensuring the abundance of food and consumer stocks and their flow. To the markets.

Mawani seeks to contribute to stimulating the logistics industry, facilitating and supporting import and export operations in the Kingdom and making them smoother, more flexible and competitive, as part of its strategic plans and ambitious initiatives that aim to enhance the competitiveness of Saudi port services and raise the level of performance of its maritime, operational and logistical operations, in order to A promising future for the logistics services sector and Saudi ports.

Port traffic in 6 months

149 million tons total cargo handling

3.4 million containers The total number of imported and exported containers

1.1 million transport containers

5,959 container ships used the ports

14 million tons of imported foodstuffs

395,000 cars were imported

1.4 million head of cattle were imported


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