Zain Karazon talks about breaking up her engagement after only one month


Belle hung Jordanian Zain Karazon On her recent decision to annul her engagement after only one month, following the arrest of her groom for possession of narcotic drugs for the purpose of abuse.

Zain Karazon talks about breaking up her engagement after one month

وتوجهت Zain Karazon Thanks to her followers through a video clip through her account on “Snapchat”: “Morning, thank God for everything, Lord of the worlds, to sell for our lives … the one who sows his life to reap .. and I met her in my physical life, praise be to God … Lord of the worlds … I love you so much. ”

Although she completely ignored talking about the circumstances of her dissolution of engagement, the Jordanian Media Star spoke unreservedly about her feelings after what happened to her, where she said: “Until now I am a strong person in the Lord of the Worlds who praise God loves me and always stands with me and gives me the goodness of my life … they did not despair Whatever you see in your life and do not give up anything that breaks you in your never think about the topic in a negative way, always take it for positivity..I am always strong with my faith in the Lord of the worlds.

Annulment of Zain Karzoun’s engagement

Zain Karazon has announced news Her engagement Coinciding with her celebration of her 30th birthday, through her post on “Instagram”, she wrote through it: “Praise be to God, which is done with His righteous grace.

و .شعلت the bride Party Her engagement Dancing spontaneously and cheerfully, especially since he also witnessed her birthday celebration, and her family and close friends attended it, but she revealed the news of breaking her engagement only one month later, after the news of the arrest of her groom, Abdullah Kanaan, was published after local sources revealed that he was arrested and was In possession of narcotic drugs, where he was charged with abuse, and was accompanied by another person who was charged with drug trafficking.


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