Your history talks about you, stop your evil from Tripoli and its people


Former Minister Major General Ashraf Rifi, in a statement on social media, addressed MP Nihad Al-Machnoukq, noting that “You did not need to convert the report that I sent to Arab capitals, into an article in your foundation, which is not based on the minimum of The foundations of objectivity and self-esteem, that were it not for the presence of pens in “Asas”, we respect them and respect what you write. They go from intrigue to intrigue and only the employer changes. “

Refi pointed out that, “Do not be under the illusion that surrendering to a kingdom is upright in dealing with kingdoms and countries that have respect for it, everything is overdrawn. Trade in Tripoli and its people, under the illusion that you are selling your family cheap goods, explaining that “this sale takes place between merchants and brokers and does not deceive ancient and friendly countries that know you well with your brokers. If your history was to put oil in the installation machine Files, this is opportunism, which we knew about you and friends and opponents knew. Neither your opponent respects what you do nor a friend who trusts that you have left the focus of gain, corruption and dependency. “

He also stated that “what Nihad does not know, that our blood we put on our palm, we will not stop at what you broker your foundation, but what Tripoli will not accept, that you allow those like you to drag on with it”, asking him to put his “report” The fake in the drawers of your limited liability political company, which lacks conscience, knowing that the master plan for targeting the north, whose representative you have sat in the place of the Order of Hassan, does not need to incite you to your family in order to obtain them. “

Rifi stressed that “the one who benefits from the presidential settlement deal with some crumbs is not eligible to issue fatwas for the people and to set himself up as a national conscience, and who says” Michel Aoun is not lost in Rabieh “, and whoever visits the Syrian regime In secret, and whoever compromises the reduced judgment of Michel Samaha, the right of people should be ashamed, “pointing out that” your history speaks about you, stop your evil from Tripoli and its people, stand before the mirror even once and preach. “


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