“You knock on my door” for “Handa Archel” topple “daughter of the ambassador” and “wrong master”


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The second episode of the series “You Knock Papy” “The Ritting” in Turkey Thursday, as expected, due to the wide echoes achieved in the first episode of the drama, which starred the popular artist Handa Archel, with her colleague Karam Borsen.
According to Turkish technical reports, the work achieved more than 8% of the total observations in its second episode, which is the most since the start of the spread of the Corona virus in Turkey, as no series has achieved more than 7% in this period.
Handa Archel returned strongly in the artistic scene of the series “You Knock My Door”, and she surpassed fellow artist Neslihan Atagul, whose series “Daughter of the Ambassador” won 6% in the last episode.
“You knock on my door,” “the trend” in Turkey and a number of countries in the world, and also entered the list of the most researched on “Google” in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, fulfilling the aspirations of the public about pursuing a new and interesting dramatic story.
This series is currently competing with the other drama “The Wrong Master” which starring artist Jean Yaman, as the two dramas are the only ones that are being presented at the present time, after the “Ambassador’s Daughter” has finished in his first part recently, and the audience is awaiting strong competition between the two series, not The expectations are in the interest of “You knock on my door” at the expense of the “wrong master” who was not widely accepted by the public after presenting its first episodes.
Turkish art newspapers reported that Mourad Dalklich Habib Handa Archel was disturbed by the harmony, harmony and strong relationship that brought together his wife, Handa Archel and her colleague in the drama and Karam Borsin, especially after her permanent appearance in the series.
Newspapers added that what made Murad most jealous, was the last scene of the first episode, in which Handa exchanged kisses with Karam, which made Murad more alarmed.
Social media pioneers made a lot of references to the beautiful relationship that Karam has with Handa, and to their great harmony in the series; Their scenes seemed more inclined to realism and truth than to just playing a role.
It is noteworthy that Karam was directed to India in a joint broadcast to them together, a question about who is the most partner you worked with and love, to answer the latter by saying: “You are the most partner I love”, which was what the audience had at the time of the lookout and carried many comments that Murad will be jealous of these the answer.


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