Yalla Koura interviews the former Barcelona player


During the current season, Barcelona appeared in many administrative and technical crises, which led to the decline in the performance of the “Blaugrana”, despite trying to compete with the arch-rivals Real Madrid for the League title, as well as continuing in the Champions League matches.

In Barcelona there was a player who previously wore the shirt of the Catalan club from (1984) to (1988), and he is the Spanish Ramon Maria Calderi who achieved the company Barca with the League and Cup titles during this period.

“Yalla Koura” contacted the former Barcelona player to talk to him about the Barcelona season, whether local or continental, and his opinion on the coach Kiki Sittin and the current administration headed by Josep Maria Bartomeo.

Here is the dialogue as follows:

– How was your career, specifically with Barcelona?

The ball started since I was 14 years old, and I played with the second team in Barcelona until I moved on loan to the ranks of Valladolid, which appeared with him in the first team, but I returned again to Barcelona to play in his ranks four years, but the injury disrupted my career, and during This period participated with the Spanish national team in the World Cup Mexico (1986), and this tournament witnessed our exit from the quarter-finals by the Belgium national team.

– And what match do you remember so far with Barcelona?

My first match with Barcelona was against Real Madrid in the season (1984 – 1985), and during this match I succeeded in making the third goal, and we won its time against Real with a result (3-0).

– In your opinion, how do you see the situation now in Barcelona, ​​especially during the current coach Kiki Sitten’s term?

In Barcelona, ​​we lost the way we were distinguished, especially during the reign of Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola, not only this but the administration did not succeed in compensating for the departure of the two Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta, at the moment Kiki Sittin is trying to return the team, but everything depends on Lionel Messi.

In your opinion, when will Barcelona return to its proper position again?

The beginning of Barcelona’s return is for Xavi to take over the technical leadership, and I hope this decision is coming soon.

And why exactly do you recover?

Xavi (genius) like Pep Guardiola, to see what he has achieved in Qatar so far, as evidenced by the renewal of his contract with Al Sadd for a new season.

How would you rate Miralem Pjanic’s deal in return for Arthur’s departure?

What happened from the Barcelona administration (shame), everyone was seeing Arthur the future of the club, Pjanic was over 30 and the team would not benefit from him much unlike Arthur.

In your opinion, did Real Madrid benefit from the refereeing this season?

I see clear courtesy of arbitration, specifically courtesy of the “VAR” technology for Real Madrid, of course Barcelona’s victory in this season’s title will hurt because we won the title for 8 years from the last 11 years, the previous years did not succeed any team standing against Barcelona with Real Only for a single title by Atletico Madrid.

Do you think Barcelona will win the Champions League this season?

Why not win the Champions League this season, but first you have to win all your matches that you will be playing in order to reach the title.

What do Barcelona need from next summer’s deals?

Why focus on deals and hiring foreign players outside the club, I trust the guys on the team right now, especially the trio Anso Fatey, Ricky Bouygues and Moncho Rodriguez.

Messi is 33 years old … Are we now thinking about looking for his successor in Barcelona?

No, Messi has the opportunity to lead Barcelona for the next three years, but we have to think about youth, the club has quality in terms of young players and this is what will make the difference in the coming period.

– How do you see the level of the trio Coutinho – Griezmann and Dembele with Barcelona after they cost the club treasury a lot of money?

I see Philippe Coutinho as a great player, but he has suffered from the pressures of playing for a big team like Barcelona, ​​and Griezmann is not helping the team sufficiently. He needs time to adapt to the team’s playing style. For Dembele, his main problem is the large number of injuries.

– With the Barcelona elections approaching, how do you see the administration of President Bartimio at this time?

There is a lot of skepticism about the current management level, to see for example the deals A lot of money has been wasted in deals that were not good for the team, for me the current problem in Barcelona is the coach.

– Juan Laporta hinted his desire to run in the Barcelona elections … your comment?

There are good candidates like Victor Font, but of course Laporta’s candidacy will be good for the club because he has a lot of experience at the managerial level, and he has the ability to bring the team back as it was in the era of coach Pep Guardiola.

In the end, how do you see the future of the club?

In front of the current administration a year at the end of its term, there must be a new philosophy in the next council and with the appointment of Xavi as coach, we are waiting for Barcelona to return again as it was before.


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