Xbox Series X will focus less on the exclusive, according to Microsoft


When a new home gaming device is launched, there is a very difficult stage in which players who own the previous generation have to decide whether to abandon the current gaming library is worth it. To encourage players to move to the new device, manufacturers of these devices are creating new exclusive games to attract players to their new devices.

However, this will not be the strategy that Microsoft will rely on for Xbox Series X. In an interview with, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Phil Philencencer, stated that the company’s strategy for the new Xbox Series X will be to focus more To embrace the player, rather than focusing too much on the gear.

According to Mr. Phi Spencer, he stated: “We must pay tribute to the loading times, the accuracy of the scenes, the frame rate and the low latency, and all these things that we focused on in the new generation. But this should not exclude people from being able to play. This is our view. How to create a system where if you want to play Xbox game, we will give you a way to play it? “.

This just seems to be a veiled criticism of Sony that previously stated that Playstation 5 games will not be compatible with Playstation 4. This means that players who wish to play newer Playstation 5 games will need to purchase the new device. While we can appreciate Microsoft’s approach, we have to wonder how much it will cost players.


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