Xbox has removed the annual Live Gold subscription to cancel paid online !!


Many moves and variations within the Xbox corridors. After Microsoft included XCloud with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it is canceling the annual Xbox Live Gold subscription and the reason may be a very heavy surprise. Let’s find out the details ..

All that happened was that one of them noticed the disappearance of the option to sign up for Xbox Live Gold annually, which raised a lot of fuss and questions about Microsoft’s move to follow with its service.

Although Xbox did not comment at the time, it denied that it was a technical error, but rather confirmed to us that it is You have canceled the annual subscription to the service Provided that the three-month and one-month subscription remains available only and the following is mentioned at a later time:

“Xbox decided to remove the annual subscription from Xbox Live Gold at this time from the Microsoft Store, the consumer can take advantage of the monthly or three-month subscription naturally.”

Million pounds question, why did Xbox shed the annual service? The logical answer is that it will not exist after a year from now, otherwise this option would not have been deleted, but why? Xbox Live Gold may be canceled entirely as a service to appear in a new form, for example, compatible with Xbox Series X and the new generation, or it may be dispensed in order to shed light on the service that provides all of this, namely Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which subscription, you will get Xbox Live Gold with Xbox Game Pass with its PC games and finally Get the XCloud Cloud service starting next September In a step by the company towards unifying services under one flag, for example, and even that word, they are all just conclusions.

But some rumors appeared, especially from Klobrille , One of the most famous Xbox men from the leakers, who has a great knowledge of what is touring the corridors of the company, and mentioned that Xbox is preparing to cancel the idea of ​​multiplayer or paid online basis to be a blow to the killing of Sony, which benefits from the PS Plus very much and if this matter is true then indeed the words of the leakers are true Those who said that the July event will silence everyone because this will fundamentally change all the data and plans … meaning we have to prepare for the return of the beautiful free online days.

Generally, we are a few days away from the Xbox Games Showcase, we may know more there and until now, share your opinion with us!

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