Witness: Sumaya al-Khashab sends a message to girls who have been harassed and raped


The Egyptian actress, Sumaya Al-Khashab, has condemned the recent harassment incidents that social media have roiled, and the issue currently being raised about the incident of the harassment of Ahmed Bassam Zaki, a former student at the American University, with 50 girls.Through a video clip of her that she published through her account on the “Instagram” site for social communication, Sumaya Al-Khashab sent a message to the girls that they are strong and face harassment with the help of the competent authorities who will not fail to help them according to (Sputnik).

She also asked them to know their rights and demand their rights, and stressed that “does not mean no”, and any attempt to harass must end with the punishment of the harasser as a deterrent punishment.

The Egyptian actress also wrote with her picture message: “For every girl who was subjected to harassment or rape, we are with you and society is with you !! Harassment and rape are crimes that have no justification !! And verbal or physical harassment and assault is totally unacceptable !!! Please, Mitzipish your right. You are female, I mean life means The nerve of every need. ”

And she continued: “Do not be negative and give up your right and give the right to the harasser or the rapist to do that in someone else! No, no !! No, be afraid of blackmail, you are stronger than any need. And no, no, no, you have all my love and all of you are heroes.”

On Monday, the Egyptian Public Prosecution issued a decision to detain the accused Ahmed Bassam Zaki for four days as a precaution for the investigation of his accusation of harassment and rape.

According to a statement issued by the Egyptian Public Prosecution Office, “The Public Prosecutor ordered the detention of the accused Ahmed Bassam Zaki for four days as a precaution for the investigation; Things that are naked to their honor. ”

The statement, published by the Egyptian Public Prosecution on its official Facebook page, stated: “… this was accompanied by a request to practice his vice with them and not to end their relationship with him, incite them to immorality with signs and sayings, intentionally annoy them, harass them by misusing communications devices, and thereby infringe him on principles And family values ​​in the Egyptian society, and violating the sanctity of their private lives, and sending them a lot of e-mails without their consent, and using special accounts on the information network to commit these crimes.


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