Withdrawing the topic of government change from circulation


“Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” sources pointed out that it “is awaiting the understanding of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and Head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Deputy Gibran Bassil, to save the government and remove it from the cycle of escapism that prevented the fulfillment of what it promised In her ministerial statement. ” She revealed that the latter offered him a set of ideas that ranged from the possibility of introducing an amendment to the government or vaccinating it, to discuss the change in it on the pretext that its productivity is below the required level and that the situation is no longer unbearable.

The sources pointed out that Berri decided to proceed with a programming process to save the government, proposing to start immediately achieving the administrative and financial reforms that the government pledged in its ministerial statement and to reform the electricity sector to secure permanent solutions for power generation, instead of adopting temporary solutions to secure it by chartering ships, especially as The decisions of the Cedar Conference to help Lebanon recover from its financial and economic crises, the government recommended that, in addition to the International Monetary Fund’s insistence on the government to qualify this sector to reduce the budget deficit in the absence of permanent solutions.
The same sources confirmed that Berri advised the necessity of activating the ongoing negotiations between the government and the IMF to support the financial recovery plan, and said that it is still in the first box and has not made any progress, because the dispute over arriving at a unified approach to financial losses still delays reaching an understanding that pays Towards an increase in negotiations.
She saw that the change of government was withdrawn from circulation and attributed the reason to two things: the first is Hezbollah’s initiative to intervene aggressively to block the road to discuss replacing this government, even though it has a conviction that it cannot increase its productivity, and that it has become an embarrassment for it in front of its partisans, and the second relates to the lack of willingness The opposition forces have to go into the adventure of government change, in light of what was reached by former Prime Minister Saad Hariri in his adventure that led to the election of General Michel Aoun as President of the Republic, against the background of reaching a settlement with him that Basil ousted.


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