With the consent of the King, he granted 139 citizens and citizens of the King Abdulaziz Medal – Saudi News


The approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, was granted to grant 139 citizens and third-class citizens of the King Abdulaziz Medal for the donation of each of them to one of its main members. Saudi decorations are awarded with royal orders to kings, heads of state, and national and foreign civil and military figures; In honor of them, or in recognition of their work, to immortalize important facts, or to record events of national value.What are the Saudi decorations and for whom?

Medals of the first degree, which are the Badr Grand Collar, the King Abdulaziz necklace, the medals of the second degree, which are the King Abdulaziz scarf, the King Abdulaziz scarf from the second layer, the third class medals which are the King Abdulaziz Medal, the fourth class medals which are the King Saud Medal, the King Faisal Medal, and the King Khaled Medal , The King Fahd Medal, the King Abdullah Medal, and the King Salman Medal.

The “Badr Grand Collar” and “King Abdulaziz Pendant” are considered the highest honors in Saudi Arabia, and they are granted only in honor of kings and heads of state, and the king of Saudi Arabia bears them according to his pledge of allegiance to the king.

With regard to the “King Abdulaziz Scarf”, it is granted to members of the Guardianship Councils on the throne or those at their level, the Crown Prince and princes of the royal families, heads of the councils of ministers, heads of representative bodies and those in their rank.

The second-tier King Abdulaziz scarf is granted to Saudi and foreign ministers and ambassadors who have provided the country with exceptional great services.

The “King Abdulaziz Medal” includes five degrees. Excellent, first, second, third, and fourth is granted in appreciation of those who have rendered great services to the state or one of its institutions, or have performed services or actions of significant moral value, or have made great sacrifices.


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