With the aim of stealing … Kill him by suffocation and threw him at the side of the road


The Directorate General of the Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division stated that “on 7/15/2020 a female citizen at the Al-Muallaqa Police Station in the regional gendarmerie unit claimed that her father, A.P. (born in 1972), left the house on 14 / 7/2020, and he did not return, and contacts with him were lost. “The Directorate pointed out in a statement that “Detached patrols of the Beqaa Investigation and the Al-Muallaqa Police Station began search and investigation operations, and as a result of investigations and coordination between the two parts, one person was suspected and arrested within hours of the allegation, and he is called HB (born in 1989, Lebanese), who is One of the precedents, as he was imprisoned for a period of / 15 / years for the crime of murder, and he left 6 months ago from prison.

The Directorate revealed that, “with his interrogation, he initially denied his relationship with the disappearance of the aforementioned AB, but that, after confronting him with evidence that condemns him, he returned and confessed that he had killed the victim by suffocation, with the aim of theft, and that he had left the body to the side of a secondary road in an overwhelming desert. The threshing floor. “

The directorate stated that “the body of the deceased and his car were found in the mentioned locality, and the investigation is under the supervision of the competent judiciary.”


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